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A glimpse of Numa

Numa's Story: Emil Pekarsky


Numa in a nutshell

Numa is a chic Middle Eastern dining room with attitude.

​In the heart of North London and with a name meaning “so what” in Hebrew, Numa takes classic dishes and reinvents them in a way they’ve never been seen before. The traditional meals that grandma once made have been revolutionised by chefs using molecular techniques and are now presented as fine dining, alongside an extensive wine menu and hand-made cocktails specifically curated to pair with each dish.

​The dining room itself is stylish and modern, something from the city centre as opposed to the suburbs. With an innovative Tasting Experience, a private dining room, and ‘The Lookout’ set against a backdrop of greenery, expect a lively atmosphere with ambient Middle Eastern music and a gastronomic experience to awaken your senses.

The Chef: Emil Pekarsky

Emil Pekarsky is the Executive Chef of Numa. A social creature bursting with creativity, his extraordinary approach to cooking goes hand in hand with the attitude Numa brings to London. 

Born in Russia and brought up in Israel, his parents were hard-working doctors whose work didn’t give them much time to cook at home. As a teenager Emil began to cook, using fresh ingredients to make Friday night dinners for his parents and sisters. During that time, he fell in love with a girl and would make picnics for her, realising that food carries influence and that the ancient ritual of sitting and eating together can be powerful; “everyone is glad to know a chef,” he says with a smile.

A total creative, Emil also writes music and enjoys drawing and rock balancing. He has a strong sense of aesthetic, something which he brings to his creations in the kitchen.

Emil spent a decade travelling, taking apprenticeships at some of the top restaurants in the world, including Quintonil in Mexico City, three Michelin-star Grace in Chicago, and The Clove Club in Shoreditch. During his travels whether in India, Europe, or South America, his mission was to discover authentic local cuisine on the streets whilst developing his own skills and style in the kitchen… and living ‘la vida loca’ along the way.

Returning to Israel, he took positions at Avocado in Tel Aviv, where he created ‘Avocado Shawarma’, and OCD in Jaffa – considered by many to be Israel’s most innovative restaurant. During his appearances on ‘Game of Chefs’, one of the most popular TV competitions in Israel, his ambition and creativity set him apart.

This charismatic chef is on a constant journey to develop himself, and to push boundaries. Despite gaining a decade of incredible experiences with food all around the globe, he admits “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.”

Watch the video interview below!

Recommended Dishes


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Tunisian grandmother's 200 hundred year old secret recipe. Made from 100% Italian tomatoes, slowly roasted on ambers, served with bao ban pita


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Like you’ve never seen hummus before



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