Let's see what Tastiest can do for Le Vacherin.

How many covers can you seat?
How many covers do you get a week?
How many covers do you get on quiet days?
How many quiet days do you have a week?
How many times can you turn a table a day?
Eg. 2x at lunch and 2x at dinner = 4 times a day
Le Vacherin operates at 70% capacity on quiet days

What percentage of your covers are high paying customers?


What percentage of high paying customers come back again?

Average price per high paying cover
After a month working with Tastiest, we estimate that Le Vacherin will get...
extra high paying covers per quiet day
extra revenue per quiet day
extra covers per week
At 4 quiet days per week, this amounts to...
£787.50 x 4 =
extra revenue per week
£50,400.00 extra revenue per month.
£655,200.00 extra revenue per year.


We are a small team with big plans. We really appreciate your patience as we roll out new restaurants, features, bug fixes, etc.—and would love to hear from you.

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